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It Is Time To Paint

Bedroom Paint

My sister came to visit last week I hadn’t seen her since Thanksgiving. It was so wonderful to see her again! Well during her visit over a cup of coffee I was telling her all my plans for my new place. How I wanted to repaint all the walls. Add a little color, and maybe redecorate just a little.

My sister by the way is a professional painter in Illinois with fairly successful business. So one thing led to another and the next thing I know we are off to buy paint for my home. It was amazing how quickly she was able to paint my rooms. What would have taken me all week took her less than a full days work, and it looks amazing! Thank you sis!

I have only posted a picture of my guest bedroom after it has been re painted. I will post the rest of the rooms as soon as I get a few more of the things that I have ordered to spruce up the room. If you are interested in seeing some of the wonderful work that my sister has done check out her website peoriailpainters.com or check her out on Facebook at Peoria Painter